Dr. Bimal Jalan is a former Governor of the Reserve Bank. He has previously held several positions in the Government including those of Finance Secretary and Chairman of the Economic Advisory Council to Prime Minister. He was also a nominated Member of Parliament from 2003 to 2009. He was Chairman of Expenditure Management Commission during year 2014-16. He also represented India on the Boards of the IMF and the World Bank. In 2019, he was the Chairman of the Committee on "Economic Capital Framework", set up by the RBI in association with government.

Bimal Jalan has been associated with a number of academic and public institutions including the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata; the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi; Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram as Chairman; and as President of National Council of Applied Economics and Research, New Delhi.

His books on India include India's Economic Crisis: The Way Ahead (1991), India's Economic Policy: Preparing for the Twenty-first Century (1996), India's Economy in the New Millennium (2002), the Future of India: Politics, Economics and Governance (2005), India's Politics: A view from the Backbench (2007), Emerging India: Economics, Politics & Reforms (2012), Politics Trumps Economics: The Interface of Economics and Politics in Contemporary India (Edited, 2014), India: Priorities for the Future (2017); and India Ahead: 2025 and Beyond (2018), and Resurgent India: Politics, Economics and Governance (2019).


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